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Jun 17, 2013 11:00pm EDT
which one is better. i'm talking about red robin gourmet burgers versus blooming brands, remember that? outback steak. both these stocks are up year to date. which is better for your heart? ha, ha, ha ha ha. anyway, let's compare blooming brands, it has 1,471 restaurants spread across five different concepts. outback, caraba's italian grill, bonefish grill and wine bar and roy's. although they have red robin, r.e.d. robin is smaller with one concept in 475 locations, a majority of which are company owned. when we look at these small restaurant chains, the main thing to care about is growth and growth potential. it shows you how far they can expand and same store sales. they tell you whether it's worth adding new locations. blooming brands plans to add 30 new locations in 2013. sadly, that's 2% growth. although they are remodeling 131 existing restaurants, mainly outback locations. by the way, when you remodel, it's always very significant. red robin plans to open 20 new core company-owned restaurants. now, that's a 4% growth rate there. that's twice of blooming, right? in addition to o
Jun 17, 2013 6:00pm EDT
each other, see which one is better. i'm talking about red robin gourmet burgers versus blooming brands, remember that? outback steak. both these stocks are up to indict. which is better for your heart? ha, ha, ha ha ha. anyway, let's compare blooming brands, it has 1,471 restaurants spread against five different concepts. outback, all the caraba's italian grill. bonehead grill and wine bar and roy's. although they have red robin, r.e.d. robin. smaller with one concept in 475 location, a majority are company owned. when we look at these small restaurant chains, the main thing to care about is growth and growth potential. it shows you how far they can expand and same store sales. they tell you whether it's worth adding new locations. blooming brands plans to add 30 locations in 2013. sadly, that's 2% growth. although, they are remodelling 131 existing restaurants, mainly outback location. by the way, when you remodem, it's always very significant. red robin plans to open 20 new core company-owned restaurants. now, that's a 4% growth right there. that's twice of blooming, right? in additi
Jun 19, 2013 11:35pm PDT
," jay baruchel -- episode four of the baby bachelor -- and music from robin thicke featuring pharrell -- and now, not only that. here is jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. hi, everybody. welcome to the show tonight. thank you for watching. kids are in bed. let's get this party started, shall we? [ cheers and applause ] you know, this is our second show of the night tonight, earlier we had a show before game four of the nba finals between the san antonio spurs and the miami heat. if you've been following the series you know the spurs hammered the heat in game three, beat them by 36 points. spurs coach gregg popovich is one of my favorite characters in the nba. he doesn't have time for nonsense. he certainly won't reveal any inside strategy. tonight he gets the supporting award for "excellence in reporting." >> what are you asking for your defense on lebron james? >> i can't tell you that. >> okay. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> good talking to you, doris. well, that was a great interview by any standard, this one is even better, this is from a mi
FOX News
Jun 19, 2013 2:00am PDT
burgers red robin caters to a lot of different tastes. they have a garden burger even if your teenaged daughter is going through a phase. >> sounded pretty accurate to me. >> a pro football player questioned in a murder investigation today after a body is found minutes from the house. we are live there. >> we will tell you what i do every day after i leave the set. is involves kids and poopy diaper changes. this bible changed the world. i'm kirk cameron, 400 years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america, because it contained the principles for economic liberty, political liberty and religious freedom. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and over 300 thousand utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version, and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people. the book that built america. and now for the first time in 400 years it's available again in a beautiful leather edition. i have one and i want y
Jun 27, 2013 9:00am PDT
thought. >>> see how famous on the next "right this minute." >>> still to come, robin thicke's "blurred lines" video got a lot of attention. >> because of three naked models. >> and see how the lines were blurred -- >> to even the playing field. ♪ i know you want it >>> and a release of a rare siberian tiger does not go as planned. >> the door is not operating [ humming ] that was quick. this was you. hm? you've been trying to get me to eat egg whites for years. you went and talked to mcdonald's? [ gasps ] oh, an egg white delight mcmuffin. i knew it. [ female announcer ] the new egg white delight mcmuffin. freshly grilled egg whites and creamy white cheddar. also available on any of your favorites. it's another new way to love mcdonald's. mmm. this is good. yeah. it's better than good. did you remember my latte? uh..yeah...'s in the car. mmm! that's good. ♪ or how to keep from driving all over for deals for the 4th. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. throw a holiday cookout! thick, juicy new york strip steaks are just $4.99
Jun 28, 2013 11:00am PDT
controversy. it is my crazy family. >> and chicago anchor robin robinson is my co-host. and in the "first 15", foul play. who poisoned this million dollar lottery winner? bieber versus his bodyguard why he is going to battle in court and the video that is caution a commotion get ready for the sushi shake. today on "anderson live." [applause] [cheering] [♪] >> anderson: hey, everybody hope are you having a good friday. my co-host robin robinson from chicago station. >> p they know me like they know me. >> anderson: welcome to the show. we have a great show today. a lot of interesting stuff. we are speak together first transgendered woman allowed to compete in a miss u.s.a. pageant. and a true crime exclusive, a woman who hired a hit man to kill her husband and mother-in-law and we will hear why she did this and we will hear from her daughter. and jersey shore star vinny is here. a lot to get to in the "first 15". i just woke up and i started reading the story about justin bieber's former bodyguard is suing him for beating him. >> and you must be dreaming? >> anderson: if i am a bodyguard an
Jun 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
the title for team blake. >>> robin thick is get something backlash for his new number one song "blurred lines" mounting criticism over the song's sexual lyrics are spilling over into blogs and sexual media. one asked, has anyone heard robin thicke's song? >>> finally, rihanna went into attack mode when she couldn't put her hand away. she was walking through the crowd when she was forced to bat the fan with her microphone to free herself. so i if grabbed you right now, you would knock me over the head. >>> this is early today, your first top of the day right here on nbc. is. >>> leading the news in "the washington post" how a e-mail address dispruts plots in britain and u.s. it helped authorities foil an attack on subways. >> and good nug for a gang of eight. their immigration will will significantly reduce the federal budget deficit in the first two decades. >>> the em battled irs is getting ready to dole out $70 million in employee bonuses. that's according to iowa republican senator chuck grassley. he says the budget cuts are enacted earlier this year. >>> and a man for the ten most w
Jun 3, 2013 10:00pm PDT
speaker we'll have brian smith followed by ralph lee. richard lewis perry. robin anderson. and nick berg. >> hi, thank you board, i am brian smith, the owner of blackberry bicycles on 6th and we opened a little over a year ago. we have been very successful and i don't think we could have done it without the foundation laid by the cm cbd over the last years. it's really critical for my now nine employees and thousands of customers to feel safe and comfortable coming to the neighborhood and coming into my bicycle shop and getting on an expensive bike and riding it around the neighborhood. i really strongly support the renewal of the cm. cbd and i think that the people such as myself who have invested in the neighborhood and the people who live in the neighborhood and the thousands of people moving to this neighborhood, and investing in the future in this neighborhood, will be way worse off if the cm. cbd is not allowed to renew and continue the work that they have already done. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, ralph lee, next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. my name is
Jun 12, 2013 4:00am PDT
. >>> ahead on "starting point," more sides to our dear friend robin meade than you know. she's a rock star. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding. with an advanced degree inoking education from capellalp them university, full potential. you'll be better equipped to deal with today's issues and make an even greater impact. let's get started at >>> and now to the hard-working news woman who can also belt out a country tune. hln's robin meade is a morning tv staple, but she still finds time it pursue one of her other great loves, music. releasing her second album "count on me." she wrote most of the songs herself. heartfelt bluegrass and collaboration with some big names and nischelle turner sat down with her and listened to the songs. >> you hear all this and i'm kind of jealous of robin. >> overacheever. >> she makes all of us feel like we need to do more. i need to g
Jun 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
, david. >> reporter: robin, obviously, this is not supposed to happen. two planes getting far too close together. it was a jumbo jet, a boeing 747. >> 172, heavy. are you turning? >> yes, sir, we're almost at 040 now. >> reporter: delta 172 after a long flight from tokyo is lining up to land at jfk airport. but the 747 pilot decides not to land, to circle around, and try again. but at the very same time, a small delta commuter jet is taking off from nearby la guardia airport. and the two aircraft get too close. >> we're almost at 040 now. >> delta 172, heavy traffic, 12:00, 1,400 feet. 1600 feet. >> reporter: the two aircraft, headed straight to each other, what the faa calls losing separation. others call it a near miss. >> anytime we have two airplanes that allegedly come within 100 feet of each other, it's not just a violation. it's serious. >> do you have the la guardia departure in sight? >> say again? >> did you have the la guardia departure in sight? >> never saw him. >> reporter: the faa does say the planes were turning away from each other when they got too close. >> we got a s
Jun 7, 2013 7:00am PDT
the very latest for us. good morning, sam. >> hey, good morning, robin. good morning, josh, and this is a perfect example, first a storm of the season shows you don't have to be on the coastline to be a little concerned about tropical systems. check out the damage in gulfport. this is just one of the restaurants that was damaged. a powerful enough tornado, andrea, to drop down a 200-year-old cedar tree and throw it into that restaurant so inland areas in the storm with the heavy rain, tornados, a real problem. this is just day one. more of andrea ahead. this dramatic surveillance video shows how even a tropical storm can produce major trouble. one of andrea's tornadoes ripping through this gulfport, florida, restaurant. >> this happened while we were closed, thank goodness. nobody was injured. >> reporter: winds of at least 65 miles an hour sending residents scrambling across the sunshine state. one reported tornado going through loxahatchee. >> this comes through a block wide and does this kind of damage, it's intense. >> three confirmed tornadoes ripping apart neighborhoo
Jun 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
known. robin? >> lama, thank you. his fans, fellow actors, all of us are stunned by his sudden death. they're paying tribute to the award-winning actor this morning. >>> abc's chris connelly is in los angeles with a look back at his life. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, you think of james gandolfini. he used anger when he played tony soprano, like an artist uses a paintbrush, to create one of the most iconic characters of our time. on a series, it changed the way we think about television. >> you don't want to what? you don't want to what? >> reporter: through six stupendous seasons on "the sopranos," james gandolfini took the mythic character of the mob boss and brought it into the modern age. filling tony soprano's complicated life, with vivid, abundant emotion, as he grappled with the harsh consequences of his work with those who he loved. >> are you in the mafia? >> am i in the what? >> reporter: from 1999 to 2007, gandolfini captured a man in turmoil, ordering a hit. >> this guy, cannot come back to tell this story. >> reporter: sparring with car
Jun 25, 2013 7:00am PDT
: good morning, robin. that's right. prosecutors expected to roll out key witnesses today who are going to paint george zimmerman as a man almost destined to kill trayvon martin, a man who wanted him dead. the defense is going to counterpunch saying that zimmerman acted as many of us would act in self-defense. all of that after a day in court where lawyers dropped f-bombs, and which their jokes bombed shocking jurors. it took just a few words to send a jolt through the courtroom. >> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy who he didn't know. >> reporter: assistant district attorney john guy opening the prosecution's case by quoting what george zimmerman told the police dispatcher the night he shot and killed trayvon martin. >> those were the words in that defendant's head just moments before he pressed that pistol into trayvon martin's chest and pulled the trigger. >> reporter: prosecutors saying zimmerman was hell-bent on harming martin. >> george zimmerman did not shoot trayvon
Jun 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
or murdering me." robin and george, that's what he said. >> strong statement there. brian, thank you. >>> now to more from president obama. he spoke out as we saw not only about edward snowden's revelations but also syria and so much more in an interview released overnight. our chief white house correspondent jon karl is traveling with the president in ireland. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. as the president wraps up his meetings with world leaders here he is pushing back hard against critics at home saying he's not doing enough about the crisis in syria. behind all the smiles at the annual summit of the world's economic powers, big disagreement between russia and the united states about what to do over the crisis in syria. in the interview with charlie rose for pbs, president obama lashed out at critics who say his offer of small arms to the syrian rebels is too little too late. >> if you haven't been in the situation room poring through intelligence and meeting directly with our military folks, unless you've been involved in those conversations, then it's kind of hard
Jun 17, 2013 5:00pm EDT
single tapering. let's bring in the reporter behind the fuss. robin harding. great to speak with you. >> good to be with you. >> i want to read one of your tweets. people need to chill out. the fed does not need to steer markets, especially during the blackout. you saw the impact your article had on the markets. what was your reaction? >> i'm glad that people are reacting to the article. i think they should. it contains useful insights and it's extensively reported. people need to bear in mind the fed has a one week blackout during which it doesn't say anything to anybody. people need to react to the content of the story rather than the existence of the story. what i've seen happening today and i think we saw it happening last week, too. the market was reacting as if there's a secret bat signal here. that's not the case. there's useful information. people ought to react carefully. just to guy rate like this suggests to me that people are taking a signal from the existence of the article rather than what it actually says. >> i'm going to get to the point that you made that it is exten
Jun 14, 2013 4:00pm PDT
you stop, look, and listen. next stop, iran. joining me is robin wright with the woodrow wilson center and david korn of mother jones. he is also an msnbc valued analyst. thank you for joining us. the white house as we all know today is stepping up military aid to the rebels in syria. "the new york times" reports it's likely to mean supplying troops there was small arms and ammunition. though heavier weapons have not been ruled out. today senator angus king of maine raised an important point about where all this could be heading. let's listen to him. >> i'm reluctant and cautious about this because i want to know what the end game is. we've done this before. we've done it three or four times before. and it's just not so easy to go in, you know, with some kind of surgical strike or something like that. and the question is, once we get in, how do we get out? what's our mission? >> great question. what's our mission? by the way, we're no longer having clean hands. you give guns to somebody, small arms they're called, they're going to shoot at somebody. who are we encouraging people to sho
Jun 18, 2013 2:00am PDT
continues its struggles to survive. >> the tale of robin hood from sherwood forest in england is one that has fascinated people and inspired writers for centuries. we do not know whether the man who would take from the rich to give to the poor really existed, but the legend lives on. it sounds too good to be true, but a town in germany currently has its very own robin hood -- a mysterious benefactor who gives to the poor and who leads an entire town mystified. >> the wealthy well-wishers comes mostly under the cover of darkness when the city is a sleep. in the bag, envelopes gold with 500-euro notes. it was a nice surprise in more than one way. >> we did not expect it because we got one of these before. at the end of 2011, we found an anonymous gift of 10,000 euros in the mailbox. >> but this time was different. in addition to cash, the envelope included a torn out page from the local own book with a listing of roofers. it was a clear hint at the intended purpose of the donation. >> a lot of the roof still dates from the middle ages and is a bit worse for the wear. it is an increasin
Jun 14, 2013 7:00am PDT
up the series, 2-2. josh? robin? >> again, we do hope that everybody injured there is okay. had to be terrifying. >> that's the major thing. not so much the win, but what happened there. >>> we're going to get to the severe weather up and down the east coast. at least two deaths so far. and, sam, this is a very, very serious line of storms. >> yeah, when you think about three days now we've been talking about this line of storms. half of the country has been involved in it. and the worst action was last night. we'll get to the boards and show you what's going on. this is what we were most afraid of, this kind of damage. because the ground so saturated all the way into new england. when the winds came through, they're not taking tree limbs down. they're taking trees down by the root balls and laying them over because the ground is so darn wet. this was a light derecho that started wednesday, and ran all of the way into thursday morning. then, you had the 1 24-hour period of more than 730 storm reports. if you can find the worst damage, it's right in here. and that's where our gin
Jun 7, 2013 12:00pm PDT
participation. the swedish artemis racing team will miss the round robins series starting in july. this is in the wake of the accident that killed team member andrew simpson. a new boat will be ready in time for the crew to practice and join the competition in august. but this means what was once billed to fans an sponsors as a multiple race louie vuitton challenger series will only include five races and two two teams, italy and new zealand. >> with that one team backing out, it's going to, you know, reduce the excitement and the competition. >> reporter: for charter boat operator drew harper, it means fewer 125-dollar tickets to sell for a prime on the water view of the action. >> if you look at hard dollars that are being lost as a result of artemis dropping out of the round robins, that's 33% of the teams. is it going to represent 33% less money? probably not. but there's definitely going to be less money. >> reporter: but he also gives perspective. the races that are left of the america's cup moved into the finals may be more fierce and exciting to watch. >> i think it's not
Jun 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
off on the afternoon of july 4th. they will -- and on july 7th, the first actual racing, ron robin between -- australia, and -- an announcement by artemis racing that they will stay in the competition despite the tragedy. as a result they will need more time to come up to speed. fortunately there were a lot of extra days for racing in both july and august so the event authority has said that they will move some of these round robin races around to allow artemis to get back in whenever they deem to be ready. artemis does not know how soon they will be ready so the event authorities not as precise as they would like to be. we are very pleased to be able to move forward. we are looking forward to the opening event and we are looking forward to being able to host our international visitors and domestic visitors for the event and to that end i want to invite carli paine (sounds like) to give an update of the people plan. she is the tdm manager for sustainable street and strategic planner for the san francisco municipal position authority also known as the traffic geek, right c
Jun 4, 2013 12:30pm PDT
taxing wealth. the robin hood taxes an idea whose time has come. radicals light nicholke nicolasy and angela merkel have a tax on currency transactions that would bring in $350 billion a year. some of my heroes are the nurses of this country. national nurses united heal america. tax-loss >>> there are a slew -- tax on wall street. there are a slew of good things that 1%ers are for. >> he is not really offering of a lot. >> he is talking about being taxed less than his assistant. there is a group of patriotic millionaires. it is the belief that you owe backe to a country that has helped to make you what you are. steve jobs -- we had a tough column in the last issue. it was tough not about apple labor practices in china. here you had a man of great wealth was talking about cutting taxes and never really gave of his philanthropic wealth. poor bill gates, he gets nailed for being so square. you can disagree with some things. but he is out there. >> all of them out there now came a little late to the party. they got very rich, very young. i wanted to leave some time for audience questi
Jun 13, 2013 9:30pm PDT
later in our regular time. we have music from robin thicke. they do that show with the naked ladies. if you watch our show regularly you know that from time to time we skype with people in their homes and have them race around to find things in it. usually we do it with regular viewers. tonight our contestants are nba legends. joining us now from his home in bel-air, california, 7 time all star, three time nba champion with the lakers, james worthy. big game james. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. >> jimmy: james, are you going to be able to get around your house without the goggles on? >> i'm not sure. we'll see. they're not prescription. they're just for protection. i still might need them. your opponent tonight another hall of famer from his home in san diego two time all star with the portland trail blazers and boston celtics, please welcome bill walton. >> jimmy, how are you doing tonight? >> jimmy: well, thank you. i know you're on your fifth set of knees. will that be an issue tonight? >> i'm ready to go. >> jimmy: well, shake virtual hands. it's time to play skype scavenger hu
Jun 11, 2013 9:00pm PDT
with kevin maddon and mark and robin meade, host of hln's morning express. welcome to you-all. >> good to be here. >> thank you. >> kevin, welcome to you. >> thank you so much. great to be with you. >> we'll start with you because you're the new boy. hero or villain? >> i certainly don't think he's a hero. i think those are two emotionally charged words, but i certainly don't think he's a hero. i think what he is and he's a confessed law-breaker. he took an oath to uphold the confidential yalty of the position that he was afforded in working with the nsa and he knew that the ramifications of disclosing classified information and yet he did it. i think it's clear he's a lawbreaker. i think the idea whether or not he's a trader goes to the intend of whether or not he was trying to harm the country, but those who work very closely with classified information and those who do work with law enforcement and do work in intelligence will tell you he has done a great damage to our -- >> let's go to mark. you're crying hero -- >> absolutely. >> wow. >> first, he's not a trader because by his own
Jun 9, 2013 8:00pm EDT
"q&a," robin nagle. ," authoreek on "q&a and new york university professor robin nagle. entitled "picking up: on the streets with the -- with theh these sanitation workers of new york city." >> robin nagle, why did you want to drive a garbage truck? >> i was curious about sanitation in new york. also around the world, but i was here. after some time hanging out with sanitation workers, getting interviews, classic anthropological interviews, i realized i could not understand to be depths i wanted unless i was qualified to do the job. i was hired. the first time i drove the truck by myself, i have to say, it was terrifying and exhilarating. i was one of the most powerful vehicles on the road. not the biggest truck. but i was the one no one wanted to be stuck behind or next two. two.xt --next to. >> where did this interest come from? >> i was 11 or 10 as my dad took me camping in the adirondack mountains. this is when the questions of environmental awareness and integrity were really part of the national conversation for the first time. .o, dad took me into the forest we were hiking
Jun 27, 2013 4:00pm PDT
, and our legal expert, as you might expect, to weigh in on a murder investigation, robin sax is with us, and i want to join chris moody for a second and say hi. he's our political reporter from yahoo news. thank you for joining us today. >> hi there. >> robin this, is a bizarre story of a nfl star accused of murder, but now he's implicated of another murder allegation. >> we woke up this morning to reports that aaron hernandez was implicated in an unsolved murder back in 2012 that's part of the scuffle that led to the death of oden lloyd. let's go back to what we know are the facts and not just the reports. take a listen and put these facts in perspective. >> an alleged murder plot that started from an argument between the two men at a nightclub. authorities found text messages allegedly from both hernandez and lloyd. last monday shortly after 2:00 a.m. prosecutors say hernandez and two friends bought gas and bubbilicious gum at a gas station. lloyd gets in the car with them. 3:07, there is a text message did you see who i am with. his sister responds by asking who? shortly after lloyd
Jun 10, 2013 7:00am PDT
nothing good happening next and i do not expect to see home again. he said he went to hong kong, robin, because it has a history of allowing free speech but it is also a place that does have an extradition treaty with the u.s. >> all right, brian, thank you. and there are so many details that are coming out, snowden also telling "the guardian" that he told his boss that he needed to be away from work for a while to receive treatment for epilepsy. here's more of what he had to say. >> the nsa specifically targets the communications of everyone. it collects them in its system and it filters them and it analyzes them and it measures them and stores them for periods of time simply because that's the easiest, most efficient and most valuable way of getting to the point you don't have to have done anything wrong. you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call and then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you've ever made. i'm just another guy who sits there day to day in the office watches what's happening and goes,
Jun 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
is robin wright with the woodrow wilson center and david korn with mother jones. he is also a valued msnbc analyst. thank you for joining us. the white house as we all know today is stepping up military aid to the rebels in syria. "the new york times" reports it's likely to mean supplying troops there was small arms and ammunition. heavier weapons have not been ruled out. today, senator an guchltgus kin maine raised this important point where all this could be heading. let's listen. >> i'm reluctant and cautious about this because i want to know what the end game is. we've done this before. we've done it three or four times before. and it's just not so easy to go in, you know, with some kind of surgical strike or something like that. and the question is, once we get in, how do we get out? what's our mission? >> what's our mission, by the way, we're no longer having clean hands. you give guns to somebody, small arms they're called. they're going to shoot at somebody. who are we encouraging people to shoot at with the guns we're giving them in syria? >> obviously the syrian government. the p
Jun 27, 2013 7:00am PDT
, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, robin. boy, what a party it was here in san francisco. it appears in less that a month, gay marriage will be legal here in california. in san francisco, the party went on all night long. there was dancing in the streets to mark a momentous victory. california's long-fought battle for gay marriage, now over. in new york, there were cheers at the historic stonewall inn, honoring the woman at the center of the defense of marriage act case. >> the federal government can no longer discriminate against the marriages of gay and lesbians. >> reporter: a sweeping win for gay rights from the nation's highest court. and now, orders from the highest offices. president obama directing his cabinet to ensure federal benefits are extended to married gay couples. california's governor, ordering all counties in the golden state to allow same-sex weddings. and the ninth circuit court saying it will take at least 25 days before those marriages can actually begin. >> i'm a deputy marriage commissioner. >> reporter: what's the conclusion in a same-sex marriage? i now pro
Jun 12, 2013 7:00am PDT
-plus. and with more hot, dry fire weather today, this is going to be a very long fight. robin? >> it certainly is. but those firefighters are something else. thank you, clayton. >>> now, to that massive storm of strong and powerful winds that could affect so many americans today. the risk of severe weather, very high across much of the country. and, sam, you've been explaining this to us. >> yeah, derecho, again spanish origin, straight line, because that's the way the storms travel. yesterday, we showed you this is where we thought they would occur. let's show you pictures from last year's event. this was in june, and it ran from illinois to virginia, along one line of storms. 5 million people lost their power, 22 people lost their lives. about $1 billion in damage. that's how bad this line of storms can be, if it does develop. now, the fbc is saying it doesn't develop. the conditions are right for it to happen. this is kind of a long area of strong to severe storms will develop. they're characterized by strong, straight-line winds. that's anywhere from 72 to 100 miles per hour. they're powered
Jun 4, 2013 7:00am PDT
: good morning, robin. today, it's a race against time to find that former marine who vanished after being taken at the point of a gun. this morning, the search continues for armando torres iii, his father and uncle. torres had gone to visit his father's ranch just inside mexico, may 14th, when armed gunmen snatched all three men. they have not been seen or heard from since. >> it's just shocking, you know, because you don't want to believe it. my cousin called me. she told me, you know, that she had seen a white truck outside the house. she saw several people just get out the car and go into the house. and they grabbed my brother and my uncle and my father and they just, you know, just took them. >> reporter: torres, who lives in texas, is a veteran of operation iraqi freedom. he's known as an excellent marine and excellent mechanic. >> when your humvee broke down or when you have a question about your humvee it was go find armando. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell abc news it's unclear why anyone would abduct members of the torres family, but say the gulf cartel is active
Jun 28, 2013 12:00am PDT
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where laws have "practically regulated abortion out of existence." we're joined by the author, robin marty. and we're joined by jessica the senior legal analyst and law professor at hamlin university school of law in st. paul, minnesota. with's begin >> the booked takes a look at stake attacks and we start with nebraska because that is where the onslaught of it originated. not just with the 20-week and, but as the book chronicles with what was really the initial architecture of the challenges and that was the so-called partial birth abortion ban and focuses on nebraska and. the first chapter was a good place for that given the local politics on the ground and the structure of the state government. >> who is the force behind this trend across the country? >> there are several groups. their legislative and policy groups and also [indiscernible] life,national right to americans united for life, and legal advocates along the lines of liberty counsel and the thomas more center, groups that andly have coordinated consolidated resources and efforts with one single goal in mind -- eit
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